Bare-Breasted Babes Busting Out in the Big Apple

When I was young—very young, like three or four years old—I wondered why men could remove their shirts in public, but women could not.  In my youthful logic, I saw the seeming inequity as unfair to women, who might get hot and sweaty on a summer day.But as I grew toward adulthood, it became clear that there was a difference:  That women’s breasts are inherently sexual—linked, as they are, to physical arousal and, coincidentally, to sustaining new life.  For the woman, breasts are an erogenous … [Read more...]

A Red-Light Tribute to New York’s Beloved Cardinal

This story is beginning to make its way around the web—Rocco Palmo was the first, I think, to post a picture showing the New York skyline, in all its glory. Here it is:  The One World Trade Center building glowing red to honor New York’s own newly appointed Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan.U.S. Congressman Michael Grimm, who represents the 13th District of New York, is the guy to thank for this flamboyant salute to New York’s new cardinal.  Congressman Grimm first approached the Empire State Buildi … [Read more...]