British Priest Who Died During “the Troubles”: “I Am Only Doing God’s Will”

Funeral for Fr. Gerard Weston

The paratroop brigade thought the world of him.  His friends described him as "gay, outgoing, generous and energetic."On February 22, 1972, Fr. Gerard Weston, chaplain with the Paratroop Regiment in Belfast, died along with six civilians when the Irish Republican Army detonated a car bomb at Aldershot, a town southwest of London.  It was the first major act of war against the British Army on English soil.The young priest had been ordained by Archbishop Heenan in 1960, and spent his first … [Read more...]

Obama’s Education Quip in Northern Ireland: Sensationalized? Or Unabashedly Manipulative?

Celtic cross

First of all, I want to say I’m sorry.Earlier this week, I published a blog post regarding President Obama’s comments in Northern Ireland, on the subject of Catholic education.  That post seems to have drawn ire from some quarters; and even among those who agreed, it elicited a raw emotion which burst forth in the combox.For the record:  I had relied on an early news report from the Scottish Catholic Observer.Speaking to a crowd of some 2,000 young people, Obama said that having Catho … [Read more...]