Traditional Latin Mass Finds Support Among Young Priests

Traditional Mass

Liturgy is a contentious topic.Often, traditionalists feel strongly that their preferred form of liturgy (the Extraordinary Form) is superior.  Those with a more modern bent are convinced the Novus Ordo is an improvement, and decry the idea of "going backwards" to the pre-Vatican liturgy.I happened recently to see a comment posted by Sherry Weddell, founder of the Called and Gifted Workshops and author of several popular books including Forming Intentional Disciples and The Catholic … [Read more...]

I Said I Liked the Novus Ordo. Mayhem Ensued.

Tridentine Mass

Last week over on Facebook, I happened to mention that I had attended a Tridentine Mass, and that I left with a renewed appreciation for the Novus Ordo.From every corner, from every persuasion, Catholic friends spoke up in raging defense of one form of liturgy or another.Those who regularly attend Tridentine Mass rose up, rosary beads clicking and mantillas still draped over their hair, to insist that the Novus Ordo, the Mass of the Roman Rite which was promulgated by Pope Paul VI in … [Read more...]