The Bare Truth: A Peek Inside a Nudist Chapel

Nude church

“Come on,” you groan.  “This is a joke, right?”Nope.  Nestled in the woods of beautiful Southampton County in Ivor, Virginia—just an hour from  Richmond—is White Tail Resort, a vacation destination which has offered a “relaxing, clothing-free experience” for nudists and naturists since 1984.  In the clothing-optional camp, guests romp in indoor and outdoor pools, swing and sway on the dance floor, play table tennis and ping-pong, and enjoy homecooked meals in the dining hall….all in the buff. … [Read more...]

Tennis Star, Not Ashamed of Jesus, Is Also Not Ashamed to Drop Her Clothes

tennis star - not afraid of Jesus

In 2011 Agnieszka Radwanska, Polish tennis star who is ranked fourth in the world, served as ambassador for a Catholic youth group’s campaign, “I’m not ashamed of Jesus.”  In a video produced by the group Agnieszka posed on the tennis court with the name of Jesus (“Jezus”) written in tennis balls.Two years later, the star posed again—this time for Wprost, one of Poland’s most popular news magazines—sitting poolside surrounded by tennis balls.  This time, though, something was missing:  … [Read more...]

Bare-Breasted Babes Busting Out in the Big Apple

When I was young—very young, like three or four years old—I wondered why men could remove their shirts in public, but women could not.  In my youthful logic, I saw the seeming inequity as unfair to women, who might get hot and sweaty on a summer day.But as I grew toward adulthood, it became clear that there was a difference:  That women’s breasts are inherently sexual—linked, as they are, to physical arousal and, coincidentally, to sustaining new life.  For the woman, breasts are an erogenous … [Read more...]