Jesus’ “Mean Streak”: Testing the Canaanite Woman

Today’s reading from the Gospel of Matthew is a confusing one. I mean, Jesus is usually such a nice guy! Was he just having a bad day? Why is he so crabby with the Canaanite woman?!See what I mean: • First, she cries out to him, and he outright ignores her. • Then, when the disciples ask Jesus to send her away, he responds—reminding them that he was sent only to the house of Israel, and not to this foreigner. • He rejects her yet a third time when she pleads for help, and he insists that it’s n … [Read more...]

ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL: The Lord God Loves Them All (Including Squirrels)

What a wonderful world this is! (Grrrr….)   I was meditating today on the inherent value of living things. That is, I was taking a deep breath, clearing my head, refocusing my attention on the wonders of creation—especially the little animals who are my neighbors, like the squirrels who build their nests in our trees. That’s a better approach, I think, than grabbing a shotgun or a slingshot and enforcing our sovereignty over our little acre. But sometimes I’m tempted!*     *     *     *     * W … [Read more...]