Syriac Catholic Diocese in Mosul Burns As Conversion Deadline Passes

Burning of 1800 year old church in Mosul

The news is chockful of bad news about the fate of Christians in Mosul.  If you're not careful, your eyes glaze over and you shake your head and move on to the next story--because after all, it's not happening here.The burning of an 1800-year-old church is the latest in a series of burnings and desecrations by ISIS.A Chaldean, Syriac and Assyrian website released this photo of a church being destroyed.According to The burning of the church took place while forty five … [Read more...]

2,123 Christians Killed Last Year for Their Faith

Open Doors' 2014 World Watch List

Open Doors, a nondenominational group which tracks incidents of persecution against Christians worldwide, reports that there were 2,123 Christians martyred last year for their faith.These heroic men and women who willingly gave their lives for the Gospel lived in countries including Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Central African Republic.  But according to Open Doors' report, more than half of the killings occurred in Syria.  Second was Nigeria, with over 6 … [Read more...]

Govt. to Christians in Laos: You Believe? Then Leave.

Laos - god

Every day, I read horror stories about the deaths of Christians in the Middle East.  And of course, I’m familiar with threats to religious liberty here in the United States, such as the HHS Mandate.Until today, though, I hadn’t heard much about the very real persecution of Christians in the southeastern Asian nation of Laos.  In many regions of that small country, religious persecution continues despite Constitutional protections.   Minority Protestants, in particular, have been denied the ri … [Read more...]