"Faith Fatigue": Is That America's Problem, Too?

Pope Benedict XVI, in addressing the College of Cardinals and the Roman Curia today, offered a pretty sobering year-end status report about the Church in Europe.The Continent, he warned, is facing an ethical crisis which has been fueled by an economic and financial crisis.  Most importantly, Europe is facing a crisis of faith. As evidence of that faith crisis, the Pope cited the diminishing number of churchgoers and their increasing age, the decline in the number of vocations to the p … [Read more...]

The Cross Over Germany, the Cross on Our Hearts

"I crossed Germany from north to south, from east to west." --Pope Benedict XVI, speaking about his apostolic visit to his homeland  We are a people of hope and a people of symbol.This was made apparent once again when Pope Benedict XVI, traveling by air during his recent apostolic trip to his homeland, flew from Berlin to Erfurt, from Eichsfeld to Freiburg—thus drawing the Sign of the Cross over the country of Germany.  Amid the flurry of state visits, papal processions and encounters with … [Read more...]

Work Toward the Common Good, Pope Exhorts

“In communion with your bishops I invite you, the lay faithful, not to fail to use your skills and responsibilities to contribute to the construction of the common good.”A big challenge from the Pope!  At the Angelus on Sunday, October 9, Pope Benedict exhorted lay Catholics to work toward the good of society. And our Holy Father, speaking in Calabria, in the south of Italy, led by example:  After lunch with local bishops at the episcopal residence of Bishop Luigi Antonio Cantafora, bishop of … [Read more...]