Should the Catholic Church Sell St. Peter’s Basilica to Help the Poor?

St Peters Basilica in Rome

"I looked up at the great basilica, and I had two reactions:  First, I appreciated its beauty and reverence; but then I thought, 'What corruption caused someone to spend so much on this building when people are hungry'?" *     *     *     *     * I made a new friend on the train this week.  Mark described himself as a Christian but not a Catholic.  As Amtrak #358 sped along the track from Chicago, where I'd been attending a conference, to Dearborn, Mark and I chatted about a lot of things:  abo … [Read more...]

WILL WORK FOR FOOD. Dinner with Dignity at Innovative Restaurants

A man’s gotta eat, right?In an economic downturn, that’s sometimes difficult.  Some people who are willing to work find that there are no jobs available.  Stepping in to help put food on the table are a plethora of community food banks, soup kitchens, government assistance programs, and charitable assistance programs.But this week the spotlight has been turned on another type of food program:  the community kitchen.That’s because rocker Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea have opened a … [Read more...]