So What Will the Pope and the President Talk About Today? – UPDATED

Pope and President

From the Vatican, where President Obama has arrived for his planned visit with Pope Francis:The American president said, upon meeting the Holy Father, “Thank you so much for seeing me, I’m a great admirer. I bring greetings from my country. In an interview before the visit with the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, President Obama said of the Pope, "Given his great moral authority, when the pope speaks it carries enormous weight.  He can cause people around to the world to s … [Read more...]

The Pope and the President: Two Approaches to the G-20 Summit

Obama and Putin

As the G-20 Summit gets underway in St. Petersburg, things are tense between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.The Russian president has warned that a U.S. military strike against Syria would be considered “an act of aggression” if the move was not first unanimously approved by the United Nations Security Council.  And just yesterday, Putin accused Secretary of State John Kerry of “lying” to Congress over al Qaeda’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.  According to Reuters, … [Read more...]

In Africa, Strong Criticism of Obama’s Social Policies

Obama in Africa

Things haven’t gone so well for President Obama on this week’s three-nation African tour. Obama, badgered by “birthers” in this country about his eligibility for the presidency, has downplayed his Kenyan ancestry; but in South Africa, retired archbishop Desmond Tutu embraced him, warmly wishing him “Welcome home” to the country where his father was born.The African archbishop went on to express his interrelatedness with America, teasing and reaching out to touch Obama’s arm.  “Your succes … [Read more...]