Racist Vitriol Against Cheerios for Interracial Ad


A Cheerios ad featuring an interracial family has drawn a spate of racist comments, forcing maker General Mills to disable comments on its most recent YouTube video.In the thirty-second ad, a young girl asks her white mother whether Cheerios are really good for the heart.  The mother responds affirmatively; and in the next scene, a black father wakes from a nap to find Cheerios piled on his chest.  The ad ends with the word “Love” against a background evocative of the cereal’s familiar yellow … [Read more...]

I’m a Racist? Yeah, Well, Shove Off


Yesterday over on Facebook, there was a big dust-up because some woman told me I was racist.  What she really meant was:  My skin is white, and I don’t like Obama; hence, I’m obviously a hater.I didn’t take her allegations lightly.  I went ballistic, in fact, shouting (well, typing really loudly) about how I am color-blind but I don’t like this president’s anti-Catholic social policies, his wild-eyed support for abortion and same-sex marriage, his management of the budget crisis, his Obamacar … [Read more...]

Focus: HOPE—Fighting Racism, Poverty and Injustice in Detroit Since 1968

Focus: HOPE Logo

Detroit was deeply divided in the 1960s.  There was a chasm between white society, largely in the suburbs, and the black community which remained in the central city.The city’s segregated society got a shake-up on July 23, 1967, when white police vice squad officers executed a raid on an after-hours drinking club or “blind pig” in the predominantly black neighborhood located at Twelfth Street and Clairmount Avenue.  Inside the illegal club, 82 people were celebrating the return of two Vietnam … [Read more...]