Crystal Cathedral, Revisited

My inbox has been full since I reported on the sale of the Crystal Cathedral to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.  Critics and supporters alike have contacted me following yesterday’s blog post.One of my favorite comments was from a good-hearted reader who said, “Praise God! The Schullers’ legacy will be respected and built upon in the spirit of ecumenism and mutual love of Christ.”If you liked the story—if your imagination was piqued by the thought of the illustrious Bishop Fulton J. She … [Read more...]

Crystal Cathedral: Was the Holy Spirit the Highest Bidder?

Since 1980 the Crystal Cathedral—that prismatic glass tower that slices Garden Grove’s cerulean skies—has refracted the seven colors of the spectrum in the California sun.  Soon, though, the familiar landmark will shine with the light of the Catholic faith and the seven sacraments.“I don’t think it’ll happen,” said Tim Busch on Monday, November 14, referring to the Diocese of Orange’s bid to acquire the iconic Crystal Cathedral, home to famed televangelist Robert H. Schuller’s “Hour of Power” … [Read more...]