SUCCESS! Facebook Game Builds Faith, Exceeds One Million Players


I told you you’d love it!Back in May 2012, when the new faith-based on-line game Journey of Jesus launched on Facebook, I interviewed “game developer and evangelist” Brent Dusing about his goal for the game.Dusing explained that the company’s threefold goal is to create games which (1) are fun to play, (2) utilize high quality graphics and music, and (3) are faithful to biblical truth.When the first social networking game on the life of Jesus was introduced in May, players could ch … [Read more...]

No, Your Friend Can’t Sleep On My Couch: A Facebook Manifesto

I have a liberal policy toward Facebook friend requests.  Priests from Santa Clara, college kids from Boston, teens from Poughkeepsie, moms from Atlanta, fashion models from Paris, missionaries from Libya:  I accept them all. That doesn’t mean I read everything they write.  I block games and applications, for example—so if you’re cleaning my fish tank every week, God bless you, but don’t expect me to reciprocate by feeding your black phantom tetras.  If you’re reaching new levels in Mafia Wars, … [Read more...]