Saving St. Josaphat’s Steeple: An Update

St. Josaphat steeple 2

Last November, I reported on the serious damage done to the iconic steeple at St. Josaphat Catholic Church during a heavy windstorm.At the time, with the steeple twisted and so many slate tiles missing, it was necessary to close the church and redirect parishioners to another church in the downtown Detroit cluster.Here's a peek at the work being done.  The campaign to save the steeple has brought in donations totaling more than $90,000; but more is needed.  Total repair costs will reach a … [Read more...]

A Litany for Old St. Josaphat

St. Josaphat - steeple

A sad update to my November 18 post regarding the spire atop Detroit’s historic St. Josaphat Church, which sustained major damage in last week’s windstorms.Things aren’t looking good for the iconic 112-year-old steeple, which will likely have to be removed permanently.  The steeple was seen swaying in the wind during the storm.  It now has missing shingles, certainly, but also appears to be listing, and the large golden cross at the top appears to be cracked.Although no one has said this … [Read more...]

Storm Deals A Serious Blow to Historic St. Josaphat Church

St. Josaphat - damaged

Detroit’s historic St. Josaphat Church, which dates back to 1901, suffered serious damage in the storm which blasted through the area on November 17.  A breaking story by Mike Stechschulte in The Michigan Catholic shows the badly damaged main steeple tilting in the wind.Located on East Canfield along the I-75 service drive just north of downtown, St. Josaphat is one of Detroit’s most visible Catholic landmarks.  The Archdiocese of Detroit’s 300-year anniversary commemorative book, Make Straig … [Read more...]