Holy Ink: Wearing Your Heart Under Your Sleeve

Many people of faith choose to wear a cross around their necks.  It’s a small but constant reminder–to the wearer and to all with whom he or she comes in contact–of an enduring commitment to Christ, and an intent to apply Scriptural wisdom in all of life’s rigors and vagaries.

But what about a tattoo?

There’s a kind of tattoo which screams of rebellion.  Satan and serpents and scorpions:  Those are motifs which threaten the viewer, effigies of evil.  These are reminiscent of the warning of Revelation 13, which cautions against the “Mark of the Beast”.

But there’s another kind  of tattoo which is a kind of memorial to a loved one, a testimony to faith, a sentimental tribute to one’s lifetime  love or an assertion of one’s deepest-held values.

What of that?

St. Sebastian–in inks, and in oils

I ran across a tattoo today which had me thinking:  Personally, I don’t think I’ll be emblazoning the crucifixion across my back any time soon; but what do you think of someone who does that?