Pastor Draws Record Crowd at Easter, Gets a Tattoo


A promise is a promise:  So when First Presbyterian Church in Eustis, Florida, hit record attendance on Easter Sunday, the pastor kept his commitment.  He got a tattoo.Reverend Leon Bloder had promised his congregation that if they'd all come to church, he'd cut his hair and have the church's logo tattooed onto his body.  So with a little help from their friends at the small church next door, who walked on over to help fill the seats, First Presbyterian reached a total of 850 att … [Read more...]

Holy Ink: Wearing Your Heart Under Your Sleeve

Tattoo - My cup overflows

Many people of faith choose to wear a cross around their necks.  It's a small but constant reminder--to the wearer and to all with whom he or she comes in contact--of an enduring commitment to Christ, and an intent to apply Scriptural wisdom in all of life's rigors and vagaries. But what about a tattoo? There's a kind of tattoo which screams of rebellion.  Satan and serpents and scorpions:  Those are motifs which threaten the viewer, effigies of evil.  These are reminiscent of the warning of Re … [Read more...]