WAIT, I WASN'T DONE! Orvieto Sights and Shops

Yesterday, I told you a little about Orvieto, the quaint Umbrian city that overlooks the Italian vineyards, like a diamond solitaire atop a precious ring.  But I wasn't done being effusive!  Orvieto is, in a way, a caricature of central Italy, a Disney-esque impression of an Italian city that's more... well, more Italian than the pope. Here are some of the things I neglected to share yesterday:  the city's narrow, cobblestoned streets, the open air shopping.  The dank tunnels in the Orvieto Und … [Read more...]

ROME, WITH A SMILE. It's Different There.

First, a little laugh at my expense.I used to do conference and event planning.  Our guests were accustomed to finer things, and so we set out to give them “the best”—whatever that was.  Perhaps it meant that we had a special treat delivered to their rooms each day, when they were at the conference events.  One day it might be a chocolate bar in the shape of the corporate logo.  Next day, a crystal picture frame.  Then, an autographed book….So I talked, as I packed for my Rome trip, about whe … [Read more...]


“That’s life.” “What’s life?” “Life’s a magazine.” “How much does it cost?” “$1.95” “But, I don’t have $1.95” “That’s life.”   *     *     *     *     *   A Guest Blog by Deacon Jerry Schiffer  Life.And Death.Eternal companions on this earthly walk.Earthly companions on this eternal walk.Companions that my wife Kathy and I encountered on a recent trip to Savannah, Ga.—on a trip orchestrated to salve two spirits who were too tired of a too long, too cold, and too oppressi … [Read more...]