“That’s life.” “What’s life?” “Life’s a magazine.” “How much does it cost?” “$1.95” “But, I don’t have $1.95” “That’s life.”   *     *     *     *     *   A Guest Blog by Deacon Jerry Schiffer  Life.And Death.Eternal companions on this earthly walk.Earthly companions on this eternal walk.Companions that my wife Kathy and I encountered on a recent trip to Savannah, Ga.—on a trip orchestrated to salve two spirits who were too tired of a too long, too cold, and too oppressi … [Read more...]

BECAUSE YOU ASKED: The List of Catholic Bloggers Invited to Rome

A couple of friends have asked me who is invited to the Vatican to attend the big Blogfest on May 2. Here they are! Because bloggers are invited from around the world, not all of these links will be in English. You can probably find some pretty good reading on this list, though!(See: I'm Number 71!)1.  Agnieszka Woszczyńska - 2.  Alberto Piccini - 3.  Aldo Padovan - 4.  Alessandro Gilioli - http: … [Read more...]

Inexperienced Blogger Gets to Play on First-String Team: I’M GOING TO ROME!

What a day it’s been!I woke this morning (well, yesterday morning) to find my name on the list of 150 bloggers chosen from among writers all over the world to attend a Catholic Bloggers Conference which is scheduled for May 2 in Rome. The conference—something new for the Vatican!—is co-sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.  It will be offered in five languages simultaneously.When I first heard about the conference on Monday of th … [Read more...]