Latin Is Lovely, But Vernacular’s Spectacular

Choir singing

Recently I overheard a woman speaking angrily on the way out of church. She was upset that the parish had recently reverted to Latin for the Agnus Dei and the Sanctus. Not the whole Mass, mind you; just those two brief and familiar Latin settings. “Why should we go backward?!” the woman exclaimed.I'll tell you why: Latin is a universal language. As Catholics, we are not just this small group, this ladies' altar society, this community of believers. No, in faith we reach beyond this subu … [Read more...]

Grace and Technology: The USCCB’s Uber-Tweeter

There were many reporters tweeting from the scene of the U.S.Bishops’ Fall General Assembly:Bishop Alexander Sample (Marquette) offering updates from the floor; journalists from the Associated Press and the Catholic media, posting quick notes that would later expand into national press articles; staff at the USCCB Media Desk, tweeting clear and well-designed updates as the action items were settled through the day. I posted, too—sometimes struggling to keep up with the many questions raised … [Read more...]


Unless you’ve just come out from under a rock, you’ve probably seen a story—no, ten stories!—about Pope Benedict’s tweet.On June 29, the 60th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, the Pope pushed the button on his iPad and—voila!—launched the much anticipated new Vatican website, was among the Catholic bloggers who, at the invitation of the Vatican, attended the May 2 Vatican Blogfest where we were treated to a preview of the multimedia site, then still under development. … [Read more...]