Australian Nun Among Dead in Malaysian Plane Crash

Sister Philomene Tiernan

Of course, every life that was lost aboard the Malaysian jet which was shot down over eastern Ukraine was of immeasurable value.Lost are vacationing Dutchmen, a helicopter pilot, AIDS researchers, university students, and entire families including 100 children.My goal is not to tell you that one life was worth more than the others--only to show, by citing the contributions of one individual who lost her life this week, how much all of humankind has lost with the deaths of these 298 … [Read more...]

Vatican's Christmas Tree Is a Show-Stopper

It was only fitting.Last week Pope Benedict XVI got to light that great Christmas tree, the “world’s largest” tree, on the Italian hillside….So it was good that an excited little boy got to press the button to light the towering 82-foot Ukrainian spruce that marks the 2011 Christmas season at the Vatican.And what a celebration it was—especially for the people of Ukraine, who had given this great 60-year-old tree to the Holy Father. They crowded into St. Peter’s Square, dressed in their … [Read more...]