Iconic Cross on Ireland’s Highest Peak Has Been Cut Down

The iconic cross atop Carrountoohil, as it appeared last winter

Carrountoohil, the central peak of the Macgillycuddy's Reeks range, stands 1,038 feet high and is Ireland's tallest mountain peak.  For almost 40 years, a five-metre (16 foot) steel cross  has been a familiar landmark atop Carrountoohil.  It took more than 100 men to erect the heavy cross, which was brought to the mountaintop in several pieces, then assembled on site.  RTÉ,RTE, Ireland's national broadcast network, filmed the installation of the cross live in 1976.Since that time, the … [Read more...]

Islamic Slogans Spray-Painted Onto Three Indiana Churches


Vandals spray-painted "Infidels" and verses from the Koran on three churches in Columbus, Indiana this weekend.The graffiti was discovered by church employees on Sunday morning.  Churches which had been vandalized included St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in central Columbus, Lakeview Church of Christ on the north side, and East Columbus Christian Church on the east side.At Saint Bartholomew’s, the graffiti read, “Infidels!” and included a reference to the Koran: “Qur’an 3:151.”  That vers … [Read more...]

Iconoclasm Alive and Well: Man Lops Head Off Jesus Statue in Charleston

Sacred Heart statue - destroyed

A man has destroyed a statue of Jesus in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, decapitating the 6-foot figure with a sledgehammer.The statue had stood for two decades outside Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Charleston before Charles Jeffrey Short, 38, exercised a kind of political theater, demonstrating his view that the Ten Commandments should be taken literally.It seems the vandal didn't even know the specific Scripture verse which required him to destroy the religious art. … [Read more...]