A HEART FOR GOD: Remembering Blessed John Paul the Great

Our family traveled to Europe for the first time in the Fall of 2000.  We motored through four or five countries—savoring the sights and scents of cities older than anything we’d ever seen in the United States, and marveling at majestic mountain ranges.  Our two-week road trip reached its apex in Rome—and more specifically, with the General Audience of Pope John Paul II on Wednesday, October 18, 2000.  We were near and clicked this photo as the popemobile passed through St. Peter’s Square, and … [Read more...]


Thomas Peters

It’s the stuff of science fiction, of a dark and dreary Dean Koontz novel: Vatican Invites Bloggers to Rome; Blogosphere Falls Silent Where Is Everybody? One hundred and fifty of us converged upon the Eternal City this week and now, only a few hardy souls—those who can subsist on two hours of sleep per night—are still writing!  Are there no stories?! Actually, the bloggers I’ve met are still bustling, but on a different front.  Unchained from their desks, some are already crossing the Pond, … [Read more...]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! This One’s For You!

Dad - blog post - 2

My father Roy “Bud” Davis, had he not succumbed to cancer in his early 40s, would be 84 years old today.Dad was a man of faith and high moral principles.  He was a quiet man, even stoic—but Dad was not afraid to challenge someone who skidded across his clear line of acceptable behavior.  For example, he could not abide a man who would use the Lord’s name in vain.  Dad belonged to the Holy Name Society—and when he occasionally heard someone, even a stranger, speak the name of the Son of God in … [Read more...]