TIRED FEET, WARM HEART. Present at the Beatification of Pope John Paul II!

Today I watched the sun rise over the Tiber River with a million of my brothers and sisters  in Christ.Attending a Beatification is hard work! We had planned to leave the apartment at 4:00 a.m. Our group learned, though, that others would depart for St. Peter’s Square as early as 3:00 a.m.—so Lisa Wheeler, grand taskmaster and organizer extraordinaire, revised the plan and we planned instead to leave by 2:30. That’s 2:30 in the morning!!We set off at a brisk pace. Lisa has firsthand knowle … [Read more...]

UPDATES Regarding the Vatican’s Blogger Meeting

The Pontifical Council for Social Communications has issued updates regarding the Meeting with Bloggers.  (“It’s not quite a blognic,” they say on their website.)Not much news there!  I already knewthat it was limited to bloggers who are on the list, and that I should bring ID to verify my identity. that it was free, that there is the possibility of a live-feed, that the Vatican would not cover travel or lodging costs, and that translation service would be available in English, Italian … [Read more...]

BECAUSE YOU ASKED: The List of Catholic Bloggers Invited to Rome

A couple of friends have asked me who is invited to the Vatican to attend the big Blogfest on May 2. Here they are! Because bloggers are invited from around the world, not all of these links will be in English. You can probably find some pretty good reading on this list, though!(See: I'm Number 71!)1.  Agnieszka Woszczyńska - http://www.teologia.blox.pl 2.  Alberto Piccini - http://www.maestroalberto.it 3.  Aldo Padovan - http://www.katholisches.info 4.  Alessandro Gilioli - http: … [Read more...]