“I Forgive Him” Says 6-Year-Old Girl, Bitten By Shark

It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! Once again, the Tigers and Hammerheads and Bullheads and Great Whites will thrill, moving ominously through peaceful waters—dorsal fins gleaming, jaws taut, teeth menacing as they glide toward their unsuspecting prey.We’ll watch “Jaws” again, both the first one and the sequel; and we’ll worry again whether everyone will emerge safely from the water off Amity Island.But the shark story that really caught my attention recently was a report comi … [Read more...]

Humble Pie and the Great Wall of Pretending

“This store,” asked the diminutive Filipino woman as I reached for the door at my local Dress Barn, “do they only sell clothes for you, or do they also sell clothes for thin women like me?”What would you have done?  Gotten angry or hurt or insulted?  Laughed it off?I blinked in amazement as the little woman, completely oblivious to her faux pas, waited for my answer.  Then I helped her— explaining that this store is divided in two by a wall.  She would shop on one side of that wall, I on … [Read more...]


I ran across this beautiful prayer the other day, and thought it might come in handy.  I think today's the day!PRAYER FOR HUMILITYFather, give me the humilitywhich realizes its ignorance,admits its mistakes,recognizes its needs,welcomes adviceand accepts rebukes.Help me always to praiserather than criticize,to encourage rather than to disparage,to build rather than to destroy, and to think of people at their bestrather than at their worst. We ask this through Christ our … [Read more...]