“Thanks For Sharing Your First Draft”: I’m Still Laughing Over Walmart’s Snarky Response to the NY Times

Minimum Wage

Last week I wrote about the minimum wage--looking at a comparison drawn by Bloomberg between Walmart and Costco, suggesting that Walmart ought to adopt Costco's business model and pay its employees a living wage.  In "The Bishops' Love Affair With Raising the Minimum Wage", I was critical of what I considered well-intentioned but ill-founded solutions proposed for elevating people from poverty by enforcing a higher minimum wage.The quick-fix solution proposed by Obama would, I said, lead to … [Read more...]

Our Lady of Guadalupe Finds a Home at Walmart

Mary Mosaic

Last Wednesday, a first for Walmart:  At their new Walmart Neighborhood Market in the Sherman Heights neighborhood of San Diego, a Catholic priest blessed a mosaic plaque of the Virgin Mary that’s embedded in the exterior wall.Father Richard Brown, senior priest at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in San Diego, said, “It’s the only Walmart in the world with a plaque of our Blessed Mother.” Walmart was immersed in controversy in 2012, when they announced plans to open a store on the site of a … [Read more...]