Review of Dr. Harvey Cox’s book, “The Future of Faith”

Harvey Cox was a professor of the history of religion and philosophy at Harvard University for forty-four years, from 1965 to his retirement in 2009. I attended his speech at Arizona State University on January 28, 2016, and afterwards met and talked with him. See my post about it the next day, on January 29, 2016, entitled “Dr. Harvey Cox: Leader of Liberal Christianity.” He spoke on “The Five Changes Happening in Religion and the World Now.” Some of it was taken from his most recent book, The F … [Read more...]

Review of Ben Witherington’s Book, “The Problem with Evangelical Theology”

(All scriptures references are taken from the New Revised Standard Version.)Ben Witherington III is a New Testament professor at Asbury Theological Seminary. It is an Evangelical, Wesleyan school located in Wilmore, Kentucky, near Lexington. Ben is a leading New Testament scholar and a prolific author, with many theological books to his credit.I know the friendly Dr. Witherington, who likes to play golf. Last November, I was rooming with my close friend Professor Scot McKnight at the … [Read more...]

Dr. Tuggy Interviews Me About My New Book, Solving the Samaritan Riddle

My friend Dr. Dale Tuggy is a Christian philosophy professor at State University of New York in Fredonia. He has now interviewed me four times on four different subjects, at 45 minutes each, and published them on his podcast blog at The most recent, fourth, interview is about my unique new book, Solving the Samaritan Riddle: Peter's Kingdom Keys Explain Early Spirit Baptism. Here is the URL for listening to this … [Read more...]

Review of Andy Angel’s Book Entitled “Angels”

Author: Andy AngelTitle: Angels: Ancient Whisper of Another WorldPublisher: Cascade Books, an Imprint of Wipf and Stock PublishersDate of Publication: 2012Page Count: xiv, 197That figures! A guy with the last name Angel had to write a book about angels. When I first saw the title of this book and the author’s name, my jaw dropped and I did a double take.Andy Angel is Director of Extension Studies at St John’s College in Nottingham, England, and he is also a professor of Ne … [Read more...]

Review of Geza Vermes’ book, “The Resurrection: History and Myth”

Geza Vermes (1924-2013) was a British, Jewish scholar born in Hungary who lost his parents in the Holocaust. Reared Roman Catholic, he attended a Catholic seminary and became a Catholic priest. He became a leading authority on the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as the historical Jesus. This Oxford professor received many honors, including being a Fellow of the British Academy. In his career, Geza Vermes understandably vascillated between being a Catholic Christian and being a Jew.Due to his … [Read more...]

2014 SBL Panel Discussion of Bart Ehrman’s book, “How Jesus Became God”

During the past few weeks, I posted a three-part review that I wrote of Dr. Bart Ehrman's book, How Jesus Became God. Before I read this book, I attended a 2.5 hour session at the Society of Biblical Literature's Annual Meeting, in late November, 2014, at San Diego that involved a panel of six scholars who discussed this new book. The panel participants were James McGrath, Michael Bird, Dale Martin, Craig Evans, Larry Hurtado, and Bart Ehrman. Bird, Hurtado, and Evans are traditionalists … [Read more...]

Review of Bart Ehrman’s Book-“How Jesus Became God,” Part 3 of 3

So far in this review, I have been quite critical of Dr. Ehrman’s book, How Jesus Became God. I agree with him that Jesus did not think he was God and never claimed to be God. But there isn’t much else in those first five chapters with which I do agree. His main point is that the early Christians began believing Jesus was God because of their belief in his resurrection, and with that I disagree most vehemently.Ehrman’s Chapter 6 is titled, “The Beginning of Christologies: Christ as Exalted to … [Read more...]

Review of Bart Ehrman’s Book, How Jesus Became God–Part 2 of 3

(All scriptures are from the NRSV unless otherwise noted.)The foundation of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus; without it, there never would have been any Christianity. Many historians have made this claim. Dr. Bart Ehrman believes it and so do I. He says (p. 174), “This is how Christianity started. If no one had thought Jesus had been raised, he would have been lost in the midst of Jewish antiquity and would be known today only as another failed Jewish prophet.”But as I stated in … [Read more...]