A Key to Understanding the Son of Man Is His Virgin Birth

Last month I posted about Son of Man Study, which is my favorite: Jesus Was Daniel's Suffering Son of Man; Must We Believe in the Virgin Birth to Be Saved; Jesus As Son of Man Was Isaiah's Suffering Servant.Son of Man Study centers on Dan 7.13-14. I regard it as the second most important text in the Old Testament, with the Shema in Deut 6.4-5 as foremost.The author of the book of Daniel begins Daniel 7 by saying, "Daniel had a dream and visions of his head as he lay in bed. Then he wrote … [Read more...]

Jesus As Son of Man Was Isaiah’s Suffering Servant

A week ago I posted “Jesus Was Daniel’s Suffering Son of Man.” I wrote, "Among those modern scholars who reject that Daniel’s “one like a son of man” refers to Jesus, many of them do so because Daniel 7 [v. 13] does not depict this figure as coming to earth or, more importantly, as suffering and dying, which latter Jesus did. . . . And as for Daniel 7 not saying this “one like a son of man” will experience suffering and death, this also is implied since so many of these saints in Daniel 7 are per … [Read more...]

Jesus Was Daniel’s Suffering Son of Man

My favorite biblical study is Son of Man Study. First of all, it is because Jesus identified himself often as "the son of man." In my book The Gospel (a single narrative harmony of the four New Testament gospels that is in my book The Gospels Interwoven), I have Jesus referring to himself 38 times as "the son of man." In contrast, he never actually identifies himself expressly as "the messiah" until the end, when he answers positively Caiphas' question before the Sanhedrin as to whether or not … [Read more...]

Did Jesus Need the Holy Spirit?

Luke says in his gospel that "Jesus was about thirty years old when he began his work" (Luke 3.23 NRSV). But Jesus had been doing work many years prior as an artisan. The biblical description of Jesus as a tekton is usually translated "carpenter" (Mark 6.3; cf. Matt. 13.55); but it has a wider range of meaning that can include building things with wood, stone, and even metal. But Luke here refers to Jesus' public, itinerant ministry that he was just beginning as a prophet, sage, healer, and … [Read more...]

Who Is the God of Heaven?

The Old Testament has the expression "the God of heaven" twenty-one times. In six of these instances, this expression is preceded by God's name YHWH/YHVH. It is translated in English versions, "the LORD, the God of heaven." Thus, we can be pretty sure that in the other fifteen expressions that don't have God's name accompanying them, the authors meant that "the God of heaven" is YHWH/YHVH, which scholars usually translate Yahweh/Yehvah. (YHWH/YHVH is traditionally translated "LORD." One issue is … [Read more...]

Peter Never Said Jesus Was God

I was a Trinitarian for twenty-two years. Then I read myself out of it in the Bible. I began to see that the Bible does not teach a Triune God as the post-apostolic, institutional, mostly Gentile church eventually declared and condemned those who differed. That is, there is no express teaching in the Bible about God being three in one, or God being three co-equal and co-eternal persons as I had been taught. In fact, the word "trinity" is not even in the Bible. This scared me when I thought of … [Read more...]

Is the Holy Spirit Neglected in the Book of Revelation?

Throughout much of the history of Christianity, the Holy Spirit mentioned so often in the New Testament was not mentioned very often by Christians. But that really began to change at the beginning of the twentieth century with the emergence of Pentecostals and, later, their younger siblings the Charismatics. In fact, this group has been most responsible for the growth of Christianity during the past century while the mainline churches have been suffering a decline in numbers of attendants at … [Read more...]

When Jesus Hung on the Cross, God Suffered Too

I think the great untold secret about the God of the Bible is that he voluntarily suffers with his righteous people when they suffer. Yes, some people know and believe this. Martin Luther, who started the Reformation, taught this. But Christians do not know about it, as was the case with me. I was indoctrinated with Christian systematic theology, much of it having been taught by church fathers. But some of their teaching was heavily influenced by their Hellenistic environment.Dr. Dennis … [Read more...]