When Jesus Hung on the Cross, God Suffered Too

I think the great untold secret about the God of the Bible is that he voluntarily suffers with his righteous people when they suffer. Yes, some people know and believe this. Martin Luther, who started the Reformation, taught this. But Christians do not know about it, as was the case with me. I was indoctrinated with Christian systematic theology, much of it having been taught by church fathers. But some of their teaching was heavily influenced by their Hellenistic environment.Dr. Dennis … [Read more...]

Review of Tom Wright’s “Jesus and the Identity of God”

“Jesus and the Identity of God” by N. Thomas Wright in Ex Auditu, 1998, 14, 42-56Tom (N. T.) Wright is a very cordial and unusual fellow in that he is a leading New Testament (NT) scholar and now a retired Anglican bishop. You don’t see that combination of scholar and churchman much.Tom begins this 1998 article by saying that when he began his higher theological education, most NT scholars were saying Jesus was not God mostly for two reasons: (1) no sane man could possibly think or say he … [Read more...]

I Am Not a Heretic

I am accused of being a heretic because I believed in the doctrine of the Trinity for twenty-two years and then changed to believing that the Bible teaches there is only one God, numerically speaking, whom Jesus called “Father,” and therefore Jesus is Savior and Lord but not God. I have believed this ever since, for the past thirty-five years. But I am not a heretic. To call me a heretic because of this change in my theology is a misunderstanding of what a heretic is according to the Bib … [Read more...]

On Who Jesus Is, Do You Listen to Jesus or to Church Fathers?

There is a difference. I'm referring to post-apostolic, institutional, Catholic church fathers of the 2nd through at least the 5th centuries. I mean their extant writings and creeds drafted at their so-called "ecumenical councils." At their first one, the Nicene Council of 325, they drafted the Nicene Creed signed by over 300 bishops that says Jesus is "very God of very God." They mean he is just as divine as the God, whom Jesus called "Father," that is, the God of creation. But that is NOT who … [Read more...]

Ben Witherington Entangles Himself by Deifying Jesus

Ben Witherington III is a distinguished New Testament (NT) professor at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He is also a friend of mine who I highly respect as a theologian. I usually visit briefly with Ben every year at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. I agree a lot theologically with Ben except for his identifying Jesus as God.I once told Ben that I had been a Trinitarian for twenty-two years, then re-examined in depth the subject of whether or not … [Read more...]

What Does “the Real Jesus” Mean?

It depends on who you ask? And any answer should be compared with answers to the question, "what does 'the historical Jesus' mean?" These are prime questions among Jesus researchers in the academy--mostly historians and biblical scholars--who specialize in what is called "the quest for the historical Jesus."Most Christians are unaware of what goes on in the academy. The Quest for that Historical Jesus has been a premier investigation that is generally recognized among scholars to have begun … [Read more...]

What Is the Subordination of the Son?

A new debate is heating up among Trinitarian Christians concerning the subordination of the Son, Jesus Christ, to God the Father and whether or not there is a similar relationship between men and women as taught in the Bible.  Egalitarians believe the Bible teaches an equality between men and women regarding human rights whereas Complementarians believe men have a superior function to women in certain areas of life and thus do not believe that women have all the same rights as men do. This d … [Read more...]

Is the Beginning of Christianity the Trinity?

Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer (1912-1984) was an American Evangelical theologian and Presbyterian pastor most known for establishing L'Abri Fellowship in Huémoz-sur-Ollon, Switzerland. He and his wife Edith began this ministry by taking young people into their home and personally discipling them about how to live a Christian life and have a positive effect on the world in doing so. Both Francis and Edith were authors of Christian books. Francis' most successful book is entitled, How Should We Then … [Read more...]