Earthquake Last Night in Arizona?

That's right, folks. Last night at 11:30 PM I was reading in my home office when I heard some strange, light, grinding noises for about five seconds that seemed to originate from underneath my condominium and then BOOM--a loud noise and my condo shook very noticeably for about one second.I immediately jumped out of my chair and went outside on my balconey. There was not a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind. And there were no neighbors walking out of their houses to question what had just … [Read more...]

Did ISIS Shoot Down that Russian Airplane?

Early Friday morning an Aerojet commercial airliner crashed in the North Sinai, forty-six miles southeast of its capital and largest city, El-Arish on the Mediterranean coast. All 224 people were killed, and all but three of them were Russians. The airplane departed from Egypt's primary resort city, Sharm El-Sheikh, headed for St. Petersburg, Russia. It is the worst aviation disaster in Russian history.Hours later, an affiliate of ISIS, called Sinai Province of the Islamic State, claimed to … [Read more...]

Tzipi Hotovely Says Israel Should Annex the West Bank

Yes, I agree, but in negotiation with the Palestinians in which Israel keeps only its "ancestral land," as its Proclamation of Independence demands, and the Palestinians get all of "the land of the Philistianes."Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a shaky coalition government right now. It includes a lot of ultra-conservative religious leaders who will never agree to let the Palestinians have most, and certainly not all, of the West Bank. In fact, they refuse to call it that and … [Read more...]

Kim Davis Is Wrong

I believe in religious liberty. That's one of the things that makes the United States of America great. Another is that this nation is a democratic republic--the world's greatest experiment at democracy. Thus, every adult citizen--no matter race, economic status, religion, or whatever--has a right to vote in elections for political office and the institution of many of this country's laws. We also have three branches of government that wer established to ensure that no one sector becomes … [Read more...]

Trump Will Go Thump!

I have posted a few times about New York City billionaire, real estate mogul, and now television celebrity Donald Trump concerning his campaigning to become the Republican nominee for president of the U.S. in the presidential election in late 2016. I generally stay clear of commenting on politics. My main reason for having this blog is to testify about my faith in God and my Lord Jesus Christ and to give reasons for it. I think getting into politics oftentimes spoils Christian … [Read more...]

Gaza Will Become a Worse Nightmare Without Its Tunnels

In 2006, Israel finally relented and unilaterally relinguished possession of the Gaza Strip to Palestinians. But Palestinians were becoming more divided between the secular Palestinian Authority, which operated mostly in the West Bank, and the fiercely religious Hamas that operated almost entirely in the Gaza Strip. Thus, a battle broke out between them in 2007, and Hamas emerged victoriously in control of Gaza, which remains so to this day.Prior to this, Palestinians living in the Gaza … [Read more...]

How Offensive Can Donald Trump Get?

Donald Trump is a very arrogant, offensive man who doesn't deserve to become a nominee for the election of the president of the United States of America. Read these public quotes by him, which don't even contain the additional offensive remarks he has made on television in the past month:¬† … [Read more...]

Thump Trump!

I mean that Republicans need to politically thump Donald Trump. Get him off the stage. However, then he'll run as an independent and probably pull the Ross Perot trick again. Even though the Republicans have got some mojo and lots of pretty good candidates for president, I think, they are getting thumped by Trump.USA TODAY reports today that Donald Trump flew into Des Moines, Iowa, yesterday, to begin his campaign in the primaries for the Republican nomination for the presidential election … [Read more...]