“The Doctrine of Imminence” Prevents Abolishing Guns

All of these wars, mass shootings and suicide bombers we learn about constantly in the news media causes me to think about my belief in world disarmament. I believe that before Jesus comes back, the world is going to disarm itself of not only all weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear weapons, but all modern weapons as well, such as missiles, bombs, tanks, guns, etc. It will take quite some time to do and will require very sophisticated systems of survelliance. A nuclear war, perish the … [Read more...]

The Blessed Hope of Christians is Resurrection, Not Death

I love evangelist Billy Graham. For me, he was probably the greatest man of God in the twentieth century. I achieved one of my life goals in meeting this world-famous yet humble man. He spoke to our PGA Tour Bible Study multiple times. He even endorsed my first book, The Gospels Interwoven. In my new book, Solving the Samaritan Riddle: Peter's Kingdom Keys Explain Early Spirit Baptism, I tell a story from my friendship with Billy, when I asked him what he thought of evangelist and faith-healer … [Read more...]

Where Will the Righteous Go at the Resurrection?

Everyone should have a worldview. What's that? It's having an opinion about reality. It's answering questions that science and religion grapple with, such as: How did the universe originate? How did I get here? What is my purpose in living? Where am I going? Without a worldview, we're like a ship without a rudder, an airplane without wings, a car with no wheels. We don't know what's up or what's happening.One of the things that makes Christianity stand out concerning truth claims is its … [Read more...]

Was Jesus Married? No, But He Will Be.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the question of whether or not Jesus was married. A Gnostic fragment quotes Jesus as saying "my wife." And Dan Brown's international bestseller, The Da Vince Code, alleges that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and that the church purposely hid this information when it decided on what gospels should be in the New Testament. But Brown's book is so full of historical errors its ridiculous. He is either a sorry researcher or deceptive, and … [Read more...]

What Will Be Jesus’ Footstool?

When Jesus ascended to heaven, King David prophetically stated that God said to him, "Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool" (Ps 110.1 NRSV). Both Jews and Christians have believed that this is a messianic text. In fact, it is the most quoted Old Testament text in the New Testament. Jesus quoted it to interrogators, asking them what the first part of the verse meant (Matt. 22.43-44). The psalm begins, "The LORD said to my lord." Jesus then asked them, "If David then calls … [Read more...]

Why Jesus Can’t Return “Soon” and Wasn’t Wrong About It

Most distinguished, New Testament scholars in the twentieth century alleged that Jesus and his disciples believed that after Jesus' heavenly ascension he would return "soon" to earth with his glorious kingdom. These scholars include Rudolf Bultmann, Werner G. Kummel, Joachim Jeremias, E. P. Sanders, Hans Kung, Geza Vermes, John P. Meier, G. R. Beasley-Murray, James D. G. Dunn, and Dale C. Allison. It is almost as if no outstanding NT scholar disagrees with this. Some of these men even admitted … [Read more...]

The Antichrist Will Claim to Be a God, not the God

Christians who believe that the Bible foretells an Antichrist in an endtimes think he will declare himself to be God. This belief is based largely upon the Apostle Paul's declaration about "the lawless one" in 2 Thessalonians 2.3. The next verse reads in the NRSV concerning this lawless one, "He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, declaring himself to be God" (v. 4). Paul refers to the temple at Jerusalem that … [Read more...]

Is God in Control?

When bad things happen, some Christians say, "God is in control." Are they right? Yes and no. It depends on how they apply it. If they mean God controls things in the individual lives of his people, they can be right about that. The Apostle Paul wrote, "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8.28). Yet God allows his people to disobey him, and he does not make them do that.If people say "God is in control" … [Read more...]