Unofficial Status of Some PGA Tour Tournaments

I used to have two official wins and one unofficial win on the regular PGA Tour. I once blogged about how the unofficial status of this one win, the 1972 PGA Team Championship, was changed forty years later to official status. That tournament had been official for several years, starting with its inception in 1965. Then the Tournament Policy Board made it unofficial for two years, which included the year 1972 when my close friend Babe Hiskey and I won that tournament. I had never known of such a … [Read more...]

Jim Furyk Shoots 58

Jim Furyk--the balding, 46-year old pro golfer with seventeen PGA Tour wins, one of them being the 2003 U.S. Open, who owns such a loopdy-loop golf swing that you wouldn't wish on your mother-in-law and prefer it only over that combination dipsy-doodle plus mid-course hesitation swipe-at-the-ball monstrosity that belongs to a fella with a Big Mouth named Chas. Barkley--shot a blistering, PGA Tour record 58 yesterday in the last round of the Travelers Championship held at the TPC River Highlands … [Read more...]

Why Did Nike Dump Golf?

Nike, Inc., announced today that it is abandoning its making and selling of golf equipment. That is a major financial decision because there is a lot of infrastructure required in order to make golf clubs and especially golf balls. Nike, named after the Greek "goddess of victory," apparently hasn't been scoring many victories lately at the cash register with sales from its golf equipment. I wonder why.First and foremost is that golf is losing ground, to make a pun. Golf real estate is … [Read more...]

Jimmy Walker Wins His First Major Golf Championship

Yesterday, Jimmy Walker--a slender, 6 foot 2 inch, 37-year old, Baylor graduate, and bearded native Texan--won his first major, the PGA Championship. It was the last of the four majors this year and was held at the famed Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey. To do so, Jimmy defeated defending champion and #1 world player Jason Day by one stroke. He then lifted the 37-pound, crystal, Wanamaker trophy at the end of a grueling and tense day of golf.The tournament had been plagued with … [Read more...]

Stenson Wins 2016 British Open in Style

The tall and thin but strong Swede finally golfed his ball to victory for his first major championship win. Henrik Stenson, who previously had seven top-five finishes in majors, defeated American Phil Mickelson, five-time majors winner himself, by three strokes in the 145th British Open today at Royal Troon Golf Club in Scotland. ┬áIt was quite a thrilling duel until the last few holes.Stenson and Mickelson started the day well ahead of the pack, with Henrik leading Phil by one stroke. Henrik … [Read more...]

The 2016 British Open and Rory McIlroy’s View of Golf in the Olympics

The British Open golf tournament is being staged this week at the famous Royal Troon Golf Club in Scotland. Under benign weather conditions the first round on Thursday, five-time major champion and American Phil Mickelson got off to a blazing start with a 63. That is the lowest score ever shot in any of golf's four major championships, though there have been something like about 25 of them.His golf game this week looks like the Californian Mickelson, known for his penchant for gambling (as … [Read more...]

Golf Digest Cites my “Let There Be Light” Post

See the following article in Golf Digest, published on 2/23/16, that acknowledges my being the first to suggest there likely will someday be golf courses with glowing trees that will enable the playing of golf during the night: My post here on this is 2/17/16: "Let There Be Light on the Golf Course 24/7." … [Read more...]

Dustin Johnson Finally Wins a Major

As I said in my post two days ago, Dustin Johnson has been knocking on the door many times in trying to win one of the four majors in pro golf. Today, he finally knocked the door down even though for a while, it looked like another bad break might sink his ship again.Dustin won the 2016 U.S. Open by three strokes, at four under par, on the tough Oakmont Country Club with the very slippery, fast greens and picturesque sand bunkers called Church Pews, all near Pittsburgh, PA.Little-known … [Read more...]