Golf Digest Cites my “Let There Be Light” Post

See the following article in Golf Digest, published on 2/23/16, that acknowledges my being the first to suggest there likely will someday be golf courses with glowing trees that will enable the playing of golf during the night: My post here on this is 2/17/16: "Let There Be Light on the Golf Course 24/7." … [Read more...]

Did Jesus Cleanse the Temple by Expelling the Moneychangers Once or Twice?

The Gospel of John reports that early in Jesus’ public ministry he entered Jerusalem’s temple, got angry at its ungodly commercialism in selling animals there (which should have been outside), and made a whip to expel those merchants and moneychangers (John 2.13-16). Yet, all three synoptic gospels report a similar incident at the end of Jesus’ ministry, during Passion Week (Matt 21.12-13; Mark 11.15-18; Luke 19.45-48). Did Jesus “cleanse the temple” on two separate occasions? That’s what a compa … [Read more...]