Is Islam a Peaceful Religion?

U.S. President Barak Obama refuses to use the term "radical Muslims" in identifying those people who call themselves "Muslim" and are members of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (=ISIL/ ISIS). Now he is getting pummeled for this refusal by Republican politicians, especially the Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, for the U.S. presidential election this fall.This week, President Obama again defended his refusal to use the term "radical Muslims" by saying these … [Read more...]

Thump Trump!

I mean that Republicans need to politically thump Donald Trump. Get him off the stage. However, then he'll run as an independent and probably pull the Ross Perot trick again. Even though the Republicans have got some mojo and lots of pretty good candidates for president, I think, they are getting thumped by Trump.USA TODAY reports today that Donald Trump flew into Des Moines, Iowa, yesterday, to begin his campaign in the primaries for the Republican nomination for the presidential election … [Read more...]

Which Foot Was It, Donald?

Donald Trump keeps sticking his great big foot in his very loud mouth. Which foot? I don't know, and neither does he.Donald Trump is now running for the Republican nomination for U.S. president. This week, he attacked Senator John McCain of my home state, Arizona, who is not even in this race. McCain is a Vietnam War veteran. He flew 23 bombing missions over North Vietnam. On his last mission he was flying an airplane, shot down over Hanoi, injured so that he could not escape, captured, and … [Read more...]

“The Interview” Was a Bad Idea

The past few weeks there's been a lot of media attention about Sony Pictures Entertainment's political comedy movie "The Interview." It is reportedly a satire about two American journalists who go to North Korea. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency persuades them to assasinate current President Kim Jong-un, who is portrayed negatively. They do, and the film shows them blowing up the President's head. Crass! When the North Korean government learned of the film, it called it an "act of … [Read more...]

Is America Exceptional?

Yes, but should we say so?Democrat Barak Obama began his first term as U.S. president by subtly saying that the U.S. should exhibit some humility, admit past mistakes, if not sins, and not try to enforce its will on other nations. Republicans criticized him a lot for this, even accusing him of not being patriotic. That was even a more serious charge for this president since he's black. Why? It had the potential for seriously increasing racial conflict.Last Tuesday night, President Obama … [Read more...]