Review of the Film “Son of God”

The Hollywood film about Jesus of Nazareth entitled “Son of God” is an adaptation of a ten-hour miniseries on television entitled “The Bible,” which was first shown on The History Channel in March, 2013. This film was released on February 28, 2014. In its first 2.5 months, it grossed nearly $68 million. But critics reviewed the film negatively, resulting in a 21% rating to date. This disparity between reviews and good box office success reveals that moviegoers, which include a strong Christian se … [Read more...]

What Are the Claims of Christ?

Many Christians, especially Evangelicals, speak of “the claims of Christ.” They mean Jesus claimed things about his identity that are recorded in the New Testament (NT) gospels. Most of these people, called “traditionalists,” assert that the greatest claim Jesus ever made about himself was that he was God. But NT evidence reveals that this is their claim, not that of Jesus. Strong traditionalist Brian Hebblethwaite well concedes, “it is no longer possible to defend the divinity of Jesus by refere … [Read more...]

Thomas Said to Christ, “My Lord and My God.” He Meant “God in Christ,” to which We Should Nod

When the risen Jesus appeared to his gathered disciples on the first Easter evening, the Apostle Thomas was not present (John 20.19-24). They later told him they had seen Jesus. Thomas said he wouldn't believe it unless he saw Jesus himself (v. 25).One week later the risen Jesus appeared again to his gathered disciples, with Thomas present. Jesus then showed his nail prints to Thomas, spoke to him about his unbelief, and Thomas replied, “My Lord and my God” (John 20.28).Christians have be … [Read more...]