Is human Enhancement Morally Acceptable?

Medical science is going to make humans superior, both physically and mentally, and it's not very far off. They will do it mostly with gene editing, also called genetic engineering. The result is called "transhumanism" or "human enhancement." From birth, people will be much less prone, or completely resistant, to certain diseases, and they will be smarter and better looking. Scientists, ethicists, and religious leaders are discussing it. A high majority of scientists favor it. But will gene … [Read more...]

Jews Thought Jesus Said He Was God’s Equal; But Jesus Explained That Would Be Evil

Once when Jesus attended one of the feasts at Jerusalem, he saw a man sitting by a pool of water who had been paralyzed, apparently from the waist down, for thirty-eight years. Jesus said to him, “Arise, take up your pallet [bedding], and walk” (John 5.8). It was the Sabbath, the man did so, and he was accused of breaking the Sabbath.The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week on the Jewish calendar. It was supposed to be “holy,” meaning set apart from the other six days to worship God. One of … [Read more...]

If Christ’s Miracles Attest He Was God, Who Are the Others We Highly Applaud?

One thing that made Jesus famous was that he did miracles. The New Testament (NT) gospels often relate that he traveled in his native land of Israel from town to town and village to village preaching, healing people, and sometimes performing nature miracles such as turning water into wine, multiplying food, and walking on water. Multitudes gathered to hear Jesus utter his pearls of wisdom in parabolic form and perform his mighty feats of healing.Many traditionalist Christians—those who be … [Read more...]