Increasing Division in Islamic Middle East and North Africa

I think the increasing division in the Islamic Middle East and North Africa is indicated in the Bible, and I am writing a book about it right now that will be Book 3 in my Still Here series on Bible prophecy. Something happened this week that will further divide this region politically as well as religiously due to its religious sects Islam: Sunni (85% of Islam) and Shiite (15% of Islam).The two most powerful countries in the Middle East are Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iran's population is over … [Read more...]

What If Mother Agnes Is Right!

She's not your average Aunt Agnes. At age 15, her dad died and she turned "hippie." Says she smoked lots of marijuana. Says the best pot is in Beirut, Lebanon. But at age 19, she quit grass, returned to the religious moorings of her youth, and became a nun.For many years, Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross was the superior of the Monastery of St. James the Mutilated. It's a Melkite Greek Orthodox monastery located in Homs, Syria's third largest city, after Dasmascus and Alleppo. Although she … [Read more...]