Muslims Should Apply Their Moniker to Jesus

The words Muslim and Islam derive from the Arabic word al-silm, which means "submission or surrender." In the case of the religion of Islam, they mean submission to Allah, the Arabic word for God. that is the foremost belief of the Muslims' religion, to submit to God.As a Christian, I also believe that submission to God is the core of my religion. So, Christians and Muslims have this very important tenant of their religion in common.Another important belief in Islam is that God has sent … [Read more...]

Did Jesus Tell the Sanhedrin He Was God?

Christians generally have believed that the Jewish Sanhedrin (Council) accused Jesus of Nazareth of claiming to be God, and that is why it condemned him as a blasphemer worthy of death. But according to the New Testament (NT) gospels, Jesus did not tell the Sanhedrin he was God.During the latter part of Jesus’ public ministry, the scribes and Pharisees constantly questioned him about his teachings. They wanted to “catch Him in some statement, so as to deliver Him up to the rule and the aut … [Read more...]

What Are the Claims of Christ?

Many Christians, especially Evangelicals, speak of “the claims of Christ.” They mean Jesus claimed things about his identity that are recorded in the New Testament (NT) gospels. Most of these people, called “traditionalists,” assert that the greatest claim Jesus ever made about himself was that he was God. But NT evidence reveals that this is their claim, not that of Jesus. Strong traditionalist Brian Hebblethwaite well concedes, “it is no longer possible to defend the divinity of Jesus by refere … [Read more...]