Does the Bible Err By Saying Philistines Predate Israelites in the Levant

For the past two weeks, I have been blogging occasionally about the amazing discovery of a 3,000-year old Philistine cemetery at Ashkelon, Israel, which was announced on July 10th. It is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries ever in the Levant. The Old Testament has much historical record about the Philistines being the arch rival of the ancient Israelites. The Philistines lived on the coastal plain, adjacent to the Israelites who lived predominantly in the Judean hill country and … [Read more...]

Is the Two-State Solution Dead?

This question about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is getting a lot of attention lately. I think the answer is "yes" if you're talking about the two-state solution that has been the focus of the two parties involved as well as the international community for so many decades now. But I don't think another two-state solution is dead, one that would accord with Israel's Proclamation of Independence. It seems hardly anyone thinks about it. But that's what my 1990 book, Palestine Is Coming, is … [Read more...]

The U.S.-Brokered Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Is a Disaster

I believe the Jews had a right to return to the land of Israel and settle there. It was the proper and just way to settle the so-called "Jewish Problem." What's that? The Romans threw Jews out of their land, and they dispersed throughout much of the world, called The Diaspora. There, in Gentile lands, they endured much unjust persecution and thus suffering. The worst was the Nazi Holocaust in WWII. That demonstrated that Jews should be able to return to their ancestral land.But I also … [Read more...]