Trump Is Being Un-American at G-20 in Europe

U.S. President Donald Trump is in Hamburg, Germany, attending G-20. It is an international forum of nations with the world's largest economies. It was founded in 1999 to discuss mostly economic policy. Seven hours ago, President Trump delivered a speech in Poland in which he criticized the American press and U.S. governmental intelligence agencies. As I said in a recent post, President Trump is a disgrace to America for doing such things. Well, he's doing it again, now in Europe, our main … [Read more...]

The Doomsday Clock Moves Closer to Midnight

In recent years, the world has become a more dangerous place in which to live. This is indicated by the Doomsday Clock. This metaphorical graphic is the brainchild of scientists who banded together in 1947 to form the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The impetus for this organization and its Doomsday Clock was the U.S. dropping two atomic bombs on Japan two years earlier, which soon led to the ending of WWII. These scientists were worried about the future development of atomic weapons and … [Read more...]

Is the Kremlin Blackmailing Donald Trump?

A 35-page "dossier" authored by a former British intelligence agent (a spy) claims that Russian intelligence agents have been "cultivating" Donald Trump, who is now the U.S. President elect, for at least the past five years. It also says this activity has been directed and overseen by Russia's President Vladimir Putin. And this dossier--which is a series of memos written over a period of time and then pieced together--provides some specific information about how this was done. If some of these … [Read more...]

Is America Exceptional?

Yes, but should we say so?Democrat Barak Obama began his first term as U.S. president by subtly saying that the U.S. should exhibit some humility, admit past mistakes, if not sins, and not try to enforce its will on other nations. Republicans criticized him a lot for this, even accusing him of not being patriotic. That was even a more serious charge for this president since he's black. Why? It had the potential for seriously increasing racial conflict.Last Tuesday night, President Obama … [Read more...]