The heavy moon

My wife, I love you

When we are apart
and the phone rings
My heart skitters
at the tone
I picked just for you

When we are separated by mere miles
and the phone chimes
my eyes glance in hopeful anticipation
to read the most inconsequential message
about utterly mundane things

When the world beckons you
to her four corners
I miss you

When the city requires you
work graveyard hours
protecting and serving
where we live
and raise our family
I miss you

no end

Because I am still
just as in love
with you
this day
as the day
Our hearts grafted

My yearning
to hear
your voice softly
speak words of
and sweet conspiracy
does not wane

My longing
to see
your eyes meet mine
when you awake
or across a teeming room
or as you lay your head down
does not wane

My desire
to experience
your tender kiss
that lingers
in genuine
does not wane

My hunger
to feel
the weight of your hand
rest on my arm
does not wane

This love
does not wax or wane
with the passing years
or distracted days

My love for you
is a constant,
breathtaking moon
pressing on a wild horizon,
illuminating a brambly soul,
heavy with the astonishing weight
of a love that knows no valley
but swells with delight and devotion.

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