Thin places in liminal spaces

It seems that a lot of us spend a lifetime careening out of the last thing and crashing clumsily into the next thing by crudely duct-taping a series of ragged overlaps from one experience to the next.  The trouble is, we’re often so hungover from the heartbreak of yesterday and so thirsty for the ecstasy of tomorrow that we are utterly unable to savor the [Read More…]

The drive

As I gingerly glide along the gentle curves that rise and fall beneath me, my fingers laced in and around the steering wheel, the rough-hewn country roads vibrate through my core and a vision of delicious perfection undulates palpably in my imagination. I’m slipping down the road driving faster and faster, listening to the road [Read More…]

A puzzled life

Before me is a puzzle of a sunset sliding into the Okeefenokee. Some parts of my picture have seemingly assembled themselves before I even touched the tabs. Still others remain unfinished far too long after a clumsy try here and an awkward attempt there where I was sure the pieces fit together. As my fingers gently [Read More…]

Troll by Shane Koyczan

If you have ever been bullied, turn down the volume of the soundtrack of internalized self-loathing, and listen instead to the Song of compassion and love that seeks you, ceaselessly. If you have ever been a bully, turn down the volume of the soundtrack of externalized self-loathing, and listen the Song of compassion and love that seeks us all, ceaselessly. If [Read More…]

Until We Could by Richard Blanco

The next two weeks my mind will be awash in all things Pride as we prepare to do down south what folks around the country did back in June. Claim how far we come. Create opportunities for more people to know they are beautiful and beloved. Celebrate who we are. On Sunday, October 5 I have the honor of [Read More…]

Haint of Hope

Oh weak heart why to you deceive a determined mind? Though I am truly and finally grateful to be free from all that was toxic and false moments swell within me where I miss all that was sweet and true Surprised by joy peeping into my life seeping into my soul My unhinged heart is [Read More…]

Separation: the Rosetta Stone of Love Languages

Adorning my tiny, new, ancient apartment in kitchen, bedroom and sacred writing nook I gaze upon art intentionally placed to remind me how she did try to love me, in her native language, so alien to my own – articulation through the material seeking, giving that which she recognized as meaningful to me but that I must now acknowledge [Read More…]

With gay marriage comes gay divorce

I’ve been rather quiet this month but it is now time to break my silence. When you are committed to speaking truth, eventually you’ll stand on the cliff that beckons you to utter the unbearable truth about your own life. Today I am stepping with faith into the free-fall of sharing my truth. I’ll not [Read More…]

To do a thing

that is beyond reason that calls you forward with no hope of fruition that seeks to destroy you even as your heart believes you will flourish that defies logic that sinks into the spongey darkness of the human heart as you seek your ultimate that can mean ruin or joy unbound dependent upon touching the [Read More…]

Sacred Worth

  Sacred Worth night sweats of self-loathing laced with the stench of toxic doctrines evaporated into the ethers as i searched the vast bending arc of Grace an epiphany of Light erupted and Love shattered my addiction to human lies and liberated me from the opiates of fear and ignorance and a fountain of freedom [Read More…]