Ducked-Up Bibles and Blood Money


This post really just wrote itself, y’all. All I had to do was just sit still for a while, try to keep my head from exploding, heart from breaking and pull together some rancid nuggets from the interwebs. We’ve learned recently that Thomas Nelson publishers are planning to release a Duck Dynasty branded Bible in [Read More...]

When a fundie asks you about your stance on the issue of homosexuality..


First remind them that people are not issues, they are children of God. Then go all snarky on their ass and answer with a few questions of your own.   What is your stance on eating bacon wrapped shrimp? Have you visited poly-cotton blend factories to talk about the will of God lately? Do you [Read More...]

10 Reasons Net Neutrality Matters to Progressive Christians


This past fall I accepted a board position on the Media Justice arm of the UCC, OCinc. Since I care deeply about social justice as part of my duty as a follower of The Way, and since I spend addiction commitment levels of time engaging media of all sorts it seems this is a wonderful fit. [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Deborah Arca


Dear Deborah, I want to take a moment to wish you a very happy birthday and to thank you. Your presence in my life is such a gift and I barely have a way to say thank you adequately. From the moment we met at Theology After Google you have been a tremendous supporter – [Read More...]

Digital Detox


I have so many wonderful things I want to share with y’all via the interwebs this weekend but it is time to give myself a digital time-out. Maybe a weekend, maybe a week, maybe 30 days. Because of the constant stream of hateful email, private messages and blog comments I experience throughout the week I’m getting [Read More...]

You can do better Candler


Yesterday I attended chapel at Candler School of Theology as part of a response to the dean’s unfortunate and painful decision to celebrate intolerance of LGBT people. Leaders of Sacred Worth and other students had invited folks to wear red and show solidarity with those children of God that the United Methodist Church still believes are incompatible with [Read More...]

Should family members of homosexuals be expelled from church?


An open letter to Gary Massey, personal injury attorney and pulpit preacher at Mountain Creek Church of Christ, Chattanooga, TN Dear Gary, I recently watched your sermon entitled “Should family members of homosexuals be expelled from church?” as delivered to Mountain Creek Church of Christ in Chattanooga, TN last month. I am writing as a sister [Read More...]

Praying for Peace with Pope Francis


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9   Gracious and loving God we turn our faces to you as our eyes search for truth in these kaleidoscopic days fractured with conflict and confusion. Prince of peace unfurl our clenched fists that our hands may reach for our [Read More...]

A scourged soul and a loamy heart


Some days I write a coarse passage plucked from the scarred landscape of a scourged soul. Some days I write a tender verse lifted from the loamy soil of a hopeful heart. Some days the words move through me. Some days the words move in spite of me. I am grateful for the grace extended [Read More...]

Letting her go – with a little help from my friends


In all my time blogging I rarely if ever mention the names of my children or wife.  This is as much for their protection as it is about a respect for their way of figuring out how to live into this crazy thing we call family. And though it feels like I am taking a [Read More...]