A compilation of everything Jesus said about homosexuality

                                                                                                              [Read More…]

Maybe it’s just your turn to listen

In response to a blog post earlier this week one commenter going by the name of Michael shared this concern. …and vice-versa, right? Because in a conversation EVERYBODY has to be open the the fact that they might be wrong and have something to learn. This phrasing (and much of the rest in the article) [Read More…]

Connecting the dots: things I’ve seen this week

They say that imitation is the highest form of compliment and there are two writers I really dig that I’d like to imitate via a weekly blog post.  Each week Rachel Held Evans and Alise Wright publish a blog post lifting up the good stuff other folks have written in the past week.  Rachel posts [Read More…]

Why Every Christian Leader Needs to Have a Good Relationship with a Homosexual

In his post, “Why Every Christian Leader Needs To Have a Good Answer about Homosexuality“, Tony Jones asserts directly, concisely and correctly that “…LGBT issues are a wave crashing across American culture right now, and you don’t get to not have an opinion about it.”    It truly is a fantastic post and could not [Read More…]

Mental Masturbation

Last week Rachel Held Evans invited a few bloggers to respond to a question as part of her year long series on sexuality. In her email to our group she shared “Interestingly, when I surveyed my readers the #1 question they had as it relates to sexuality is this: Is masturbation an acceptable component to [Read More…]

Thank you Boy Scouts, and I understand

Alleluia and praise be!  The Boy Scouts of America have agreed to allow openly gay boys as members!! The AP reports that of the local Scout leaders voting at their annual meeting in Texas, more than 60 percent supported the proposal. The policy change approved by the 1,400-member National Council would take effect Jan. 1, [Read More…]

HuffPost profits from Westboro

As of the writing of this post, the Westboro story published by The Huffington Post on the 21st of May (I will not provide a link and if you keep reading you’ll see why) has accumulated 7,159 shares to Facebook.  Understanding that my own blog will have between 25-30% more impressions than shares per post [Read More…]

A prayer for Oklahoma

God of our hearts, we search our shared sky for the rainbow of your unwavering love to arch over our hearts when the pain of unimagiable loss swirls and thrashes us to dust. Oh please Abba, shelter those whose lives have been blown into the abyss that they may know your peace after the storm in [Read More…]

Christian formation…in fear and lies

“Fear is one of the persistent hounds of hell that dog the footsteps of the dispossessed, the disinherited…deception is perhaps the oldest of all the techniques by which the weak have protected themselves against the strong.” Howard Thurman.   “Archery, definitely archery – and ropes-course and kayaking and dance, can I sign up for dance [Read More…]

Unconscionable, unAmerican and unChristian

Have you seen this headline? Texas Judge Forbids Lesbian Woman From Living With Her Partner Have you read the story (quoted in full below) written by By Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress? Carolyn Compton is in a three year-old relationship with a woman. According to Compton’s partner Page Price, Compton’s ex-husband rarely sees their two children and was also once [Read More…]