A scourged soul and a loamy heart

Some days I write a coarse passage plucked from the scarred landscape of a scourged soul. Some days I write a tender verse lifted from the loamy soil of a hopeful heart. Some days the words move through me. Some days the words move in spite of me. I am grateful for the grace extended [Read More…]

Letting her go – with a little help from my friends

In all my time blogging I rarely if ever mention the names of my children or wife.  This is as much for their protection as it is about a respect for their way of figuring out how to live into this crazy thing we call family. And though it feels like I am taking a [Read More…]

Sex Slam, Smoked Oysters & Saintly Neighbors: Wild Goose 2013

By this point I imagine most of y’all are sick of hearing about how amazing Wild Goose 2013 was but I am going to to add my voice to the chorus of praise being heard around the blogosphere. I waited a week to put down in words my reflection because I needed to understand if [Read More…]

I see you

I see you in all your strength and in your weakness I see you in all your beauty and in your mess I see you in all your certitude and in your doubt I see you in all your courage and in your fear I see you when you are clothed in pride and when [Read More…]

Looking back, looking forward: a year of big gay blogging on Patheos

You know how when some TV show writers are feeling a bit of the old writers block and they throw together a “retrospective” episode  flashing back to the scenes that got the most laughs or tears?  Well this post is a little like that except it’s not so much writer’s block as having so many posts [Read More…]

Owning our cray-cray so it doesn’t own us

There are bears lurking all hot and hungry in the woods and there ancient alligators gliding sure and slow under the surface waiting to lunge and consume. The Spanish moss hangs in haunting swags and spidery tendrils.   In my canoe, poling alone, weighed down with tatty packs full of wadded up anxiety shoved in amongst moth-eaten [Read More…]

Connecting the Dots: June 17, 2003

So many great blog posts, videos, tweets and books came into view for me last week.  Here are a few that I would like to share with you.    This is a a wonderful post by Sarah Moon about how radical inclusivity actually turns her away from the table.  It is a complex world we [Read More…]

A compilation of everything Jesus said about homosexuality

                                                                                                              [Read More…]

Maybe it’s just your turn to listen

In response to a blog post earlier this week one commenter going by the name of Michael shared this concern. …and vice-versa, right? Because in a conversation EVERYBODY has to be open the the fact that they might be wrong and have something to learn. This phrasing (and much of the rest in the article) [Read More…]

Connecting the dots: things I’ve seen this week

They say that imitation is the highest form of compliment and there are two writers I really dig that I’d like to imitate via a weekly blog post.  Each week Rachel Held Evans and Alise Wright publish a blog post lifting up the good stuff other folks have written in the past week.  Rachel posts [Read More…]