A queer prayer for Pope Francis


Gracious and loving God Creator Redeemer Sustainer With thanksgiving and hope I come to you today Grateful to walk with sisters & brothers of other tribes as they celebrate with faithful anticipation one who accepts the call as your servant leader may his ear be inclined toward your extravagant love may the hinges of his [Read More...]

Washed in His Blood My Ass


We are still about three weeks away from Easter but I’m gonna get a jump on things and offer a little Easter theology to get us warmed up. Now, I love a good bluegrass gospel song as much as the next middle-aged southern white chick     but while reading through a Lenten liturgy recently [Read More...]

The UCC is for Sissies

Word block

Words matter.  Words matter to me.  Words matter to me a lot. I’ve been known, once or twice, to raise a flag of concern over someone’s choice of words.  To some it may seem that my own tribe, The United Church of Christ, is exempt from my eagle eye and worrisome (sensitive) critique.  Well, rest easy, I’ve [Read More...]

13 Ideas For Practicing the Presence of God


During Lent many of us Jesusy types look for ways to be intentional about practicing the presence of God.  There are a myriad of books, booklets, websites, podcasts and small groups dedicated to  spiritual practices meant to give our wandering minds a compass pointing us toward the Divine. Today I’d like to lift up a [Read More...]

Mo wants to know – how can I be a lesbian and a Christian?

Rainbow Candles

The good news is – more people are reading my blog. The challenging news is – more people are reading my blog A new friend has found our little corner of the blogospehre and lifted up some concerns and questions. Mo seems genuinely perplexed about a couple of topics so I thought I would light [Read More...]

18 Hours of Worship with 8 Million People


In the final moments of Ash Wednesday I found myself propped up against the dingy Greenwich Village barroom wall with a drink in one hand and my lover in the the other and I realized I had just experienced a perfect 18-hour liturgy. Preparation It actually all began, as days like this often will, the [Read More...]

Complementarianism can be so queer


Even though I was raised as a southern baptist I never heard my church or parents debating the roles of women and men.  My mother and father lived out traditional (western) roles…until my mother found a career she loved and her kids were old enough to not need a helicopter.  She loved her work, we needed the [Read More...]

A lesbian changed through Jesus


I woke many a dark morning, knotted in anguish with the entirety of my cavernous being crying out for release  - asking God to change me.  And God did. As it turns out, the answer to my prayers was to accept God’s creative genius calling me to live into this crazy and beautiful life as a queer Christian.  When I finally was [Read More...]

My 10-Point Gay Agenda for The Week


1. To put nothing before The One who is Love. 2. To not worship Mammon, The Constitution, The Bible, culture or technology (sorry Facebook). 3. To only speak God’s name when I am either talking to or about God. Ecstasy counts since it could be argued I am expressing gratitude. 4. To take at least [Read More...]

Peter Wallace and The Passionate Jesus

The Passionate Jesus

In his new book, The Passionate Jesus: What We Can Learn from Jesus about Love, Fear, Grief, Joy and Living Authentically; Peter Wallace offer readers a look at five emotions that Jesus experiences in the Bible and invites us to live our own lives with “passionate emotional authenticity.” Lordy this is a breath of fresh air [Read More...]