Openly straight headlines?

Openly straight pastor officiates big ole straight wedding Openly straight pastor steals money from congregation   Openly straight cop killed intervening in a domestic violence call Open straight cop accepts cash to look the other way on drug buy   Openly straight baseball player funds local community center Openly straight baseball player caught in bed [Read More…]

Holy Aberration

When I was a little girl growing up just a minute south of downtown Atlanta, I could while away a southern spring day sitting all itchy and engrossed in a sprawling, weedy bed of clover looking for that four-leaf foliage assured to grant me good luck. What a sweet moment of wide-eyed joy when my [Read More…]

Stolen Words

I am a writer. I use my words. I try real hard to use my words for good. On April 28 I lost some of my words.  Some of those words that I lost comprised two book proposals and the carefully crafted query letters ready to go out this week. I know it is a long [Read More…]

Ginkgo Faith

As I gaze upon the Spring green Ginkgo leaves that dance in the April breeze I can remember and foresee the exquisitely painful beauty of these tiny fans in the fall of the golden perfection that has been and will be So too I imagine I pray I believe that Christ knows us as we [Read More…]

Gay for a day

Friday, April 19 is the National Day of Silence sponsored by GLSEN. It is a day of action in which students across the US vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students in schools. But what can old [Read More…]

A Prayer for Boston

Gracious and loving God hear our anguished prayers For your children whose lives were taken For your children whose families were devastated For your children whose minds are capable of such evil For your children whose hearts are searching for answers immediate and eternal Speak oh God through the hands and feet of first responders Hear oh God [Read More…]

Blessed by the struggle

Last Monday I attended a meeting of a small, conservative campus ministry group featuring a speaker, Jana Harmon from the C.S. Lewis Institute in Atlanta, who was invited to share “what the bible says about homosexuality.” What I want to tell you about is just how downright misleading, deceptive, poorly cited and falsely polarizing the [Read More…]

The heavy moon

My wife, I love you When we are apart and the phone rings My heart skitters at the tone I picked just for you When we are separated by mere miles and the phone chimes my eyes glance in hopeful anticipation to read the most inconsequential message about utterly mundane things When the world beckons [Read More…]

Wash your Christian mouth out with soap?

A few folk who have been reading my blog have recently complained that my language is offensive and one even accused me of using “offensive” language to affect an “edgy” or “trendy” veneer.  Some have called me out in public, a couple saved their scolding for private messages offered in “Christian love”.  I’ve been thinking about [Read More…]

Stumbling toward Easter, falling toward grace

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  If my faith should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my blog to take… In the past 24 hours I have had a few unfortunate run-ins with some of my Christian sisters and brothers that have left me [Read More…]