My 10-Point Gay Agenda for The Week


1. To put nothing before The One who is Love. 2. To not worship Mammon, The Constitution, The Bible, culture or technology (sorry Facebook). 3. To only speak God’s name when I am either talking to or about God. Ecstasy counts since it could be argued I am expressing gratitude. 4. To take at least [Read More...]

Peter Wallace and The Passionate Jesus

The Passionate Jesus

In his new book, The Passionate Jesus: What We Can Learn from Jesus about Love, Fear, Grief, Joy and Living Authentically; Peter Wallace offer readers a look at five emotions that Jesus experiences in the Bible and invites us to live our own lives with “passionate emotional authenticity.” Lordy this is a breath of fresh air [Read More...]

Gay love is not a sin


Part of my goal here with this little blog is to share other voices living at the intersection of being gay and Christian in America.  I mean I love the sound of my own voice as much as the next blogger, but I said in the beginning of this project that it’s not all about [Read More...]

The Beatitudes in action


Sitting in the Martin Luther King Jr Convocation at the college where I work, watching a film clip from the Freedom Riders documentary, experiencing a sound wave of drumming as it moved from the back of the auditorium, and hearing the Rev. C.T. Vivian share powerful insights, I was moved to tears that cascaded out of a tired [Read More...]

In love with fear


Oh Lord We are a culture In love with fear And afraid of love Be not afraid, you call Many of the same souls Who shout With closed minds And plugged ears That the government Shall not have any role In regulating Weapons Be afraid, they say Are the same souls Who demand With closed [Read More...]

Jodie Foster was already out


Jodie Foster came out last night but she really came out a long time ago. In her own way. I bet I am gonna get some serious flak from a few of my queer sisters & brothers but hey, that’s what blogs are for eh? Speaking your own truth and letting the chips fall where [Read More...]

Called to serve

love; beautiful hands of children holding green heart shape

And then there are the nights when I toss and turn, worried that I’m wasting my time, passion and faith scribbling notes in cyberspace when I could just shut the hell up and earn some blisters serving a sick, poor, oppressed, imprisoned, widowed, orphaned, abused, raped, exhausted world. Every so often I am nagged by the [Read More...]

Pet Slide Shows are So Gay


Pet lovers come from all walks of life – gay, straight, black, white, man, woman, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Agnostic and Pagan. We all have animals in our lives that make us whole.  For many of us they complete us in ways that humans can not.  They love us unconditionally and they are there for us in some [Read More...]

God’s teachings are clear that…


If your position on any “issue” begins with “God’s teachings are clear about…” I implore you to enter 2013 thoughtfully and prayerfully considering: “God’s teachings are clear about…” only works as a trump card if we believe that the bible is the inerrant, unfiltered, literal/factual word of God. I can still be a Christian if [Read More...]

Empty Mangers


Lord, for the mothers around the world whose mangers are empty, Left shattered by the violence Of a world still swirling in darkness, We pray Oh come, Oh come, Emmanuel       The video below is very hard to watch. The video below is not full of holiday cheer. The below video reminds us there [Read More...]