The bread of life doesn’t come buttered with pickles…

…or in a neatly wrapped blog post. I was blessed and convicted by the words of my pastor yesterday.  Her sermon bore a hole into my heart and the powerful way she spoke of the bread of life has expanded my thinking, like so much yeast in the flour.    I’m not gonna go on [Read More…]

Devastated by your joy

I am leading with my pain today so I pray you will forgive the undercurrent of anger in my words. Love does not require that I passively and silently receive blow after blow of the clinched fist of ignorance. Love requires that I speak truth in the face of hate masquerading as faith. Here is [Read More…]

It’s not just a difference of opinion

  Disagreeing with one another about whether or not hubcap hurling should be recognized by the International Olympic Committee or whose mamma fries the best chicken are differences of opinion about which we can happily agree to disagree. Disagreeing about whether not I can, without fear, hold the hand of the one I love anywhere, any time or whether or not [Read More…]