Five Things I’ve Learned About Coming Out

As some of y’all know I have been in a bit of a personal spiral since my father died in October and my marriage crumbled in December.  Even though I promised that “my personal tragedy would not affect my ability to do good hair” it seems my bloggy bouffant has indeed fallen flat in recent months. [Read More…]

Jodie Foster was already out

Jodie Foster came out last night but she really came out a long time ago. In her own way. I bet I am gonna get some serious flak from a few of my queer sisters & brothers but hey, that’s what blogs are for eh? Speaking your own truth and letting the chips fall where [Read More…]

Sharing Biscoff Cookies and Jesus

Ok, so this feels a little tacky to post a piece written about me right here under a masthead with my goofy old mug grinning at you, but here is how it happened. The post below is not about me really, it is about everyone out there who is willing to speak up for a Christianity [Read More…]