Perfect love casts out all fear


So back on September 4th, during the whirlwind of stories coming out of the Conventions, I posted a brief rant decrying the platforming of people.  If  Y’all have heard me say it once you’ve heard me say it a gazillion times – I am not an issue.  Well from that little post came a few wonderful comments [Read More...]

10 more things I bet Romney doesn’t know…


So apparently, way back in 2004, Mitt Romeny is on record saying “I didn’t know you had families,” to the LGBT parents standing in his office.  You can read one blogger’s take on this (unsurprising) stone-cold ignorance. Thinking this over (while enjoying a fried chicken and collard greens lunch at work) a few things came to [Read More...]

The bread of life doesn’t come buttered with pickles…

…or in a neatly wrapped blog post. I was blessed and convicted by the words of my pastor yesterday.  Her sermon bore a hole into my heart and the powerful way she spoke of the bread of life has expanded my thinking, like so much yeast in the flour.    I’m not gonna go on [Read More...]

It’s not just a difference of opinion

Disagreeing with one another about whether or not hubcap hurling should be recognized by the International Olympic Committee or whose mamma fries the best chicken are differences of opinion about which we can happily agree to disagree. Disagreeing about whether not I can, without fear, hold the hand of the one I love anywhere, any time or whether or not I [Read More...]

Chick-Fil-A and Proverbs 25:21

So on August 1, 2012 it seems that a bunch of folks on one side of the whole Chick-Fil-A fray are planning to spend their hard earned money to actively deny me and my family the same civil rights they enjoy.  Ok, cool. But check this out, a whole bunch more of us can show [Read More...]

Which biblical marriage?

A good friend of mine sent me the following note on Facebook the other day and with her permission I would like to open this conversation up to folks who are interested and willing to jump in.  Here is what she wrote: Hey there. Sounds like you’ve had quite the month for online conversations, debates [Read More...]

What about three-way marriages?

So last week was pretty exciting for our little blog here.  My new friend and very insightful author, Rachel Held Evans, posted a little conversation between the two of us. The ongoing conversation that has percolated around the original post has been deeply meaningful to me.  Yesterday I saw a new question in the comments that stayed with me all [Read More...]

Across the Aisle

A chat between a couple of gay and straight married women. So last week I was sitting in a church in Birmingham, Alabama with a new friend, Anna. Anna has just this year joined our church in Kirkwood, been baptized, secured a full ride to Candler School of Theology – and gotten married. We are [Read More...]

Coming Out Christian – A New Blog at Patheos

What this blog is not: This blog is not about debating scripture, except when it is. Since I am a Christian I must ground Christian dialogue in a great Book that has formed me.  But just as I regard scripture as holy, I do not read it literally nor is it the only source that [Read More...]