Chick-Fil-A and Proverbs 25:21

So on August 1, 2012 it seems that a bunch of folks on one side of the whole Chick-Fil-A fray are planning to spend their hard earned money to actively deny me and my family the same civil rights they enjoy.  Ok, cool. But check this out, a whole bunch more of us can show [Read More...]

Which biblical marriage?

A good friend of mine sent me the following note on Facebook the other day and with her permission I would like to open this conversation up to folks who are interested and willing to jump in.  Here is what she wrote: Hey there. Sounds like you’ve had quite the month for online conversations, debates [Read More...]

What about three-way marriages?

So last week was pretty exciting for our little blog here.  My new friend and very insightful author, Rachel Held Evans, posted a little conversation between the two of us. The ongoing conversation that has percolated around the original post has been deeply meaningful to me.  Yesterday I saw a new question in the comments that stayed with me all [Read More...]

Across the Aisle

A chat between a couple of gay and straight married women. So last week I was sitting in a church in Birmingham, Alabama with a new friend, Anna. Anna has just this year joined our church in Kirkwood, been baptized, secured a full ride to Candler School of Theology – and gotten married. We are [Read More...]

Coming Out Christian – A New Blog at Patheos

What this blog is not: This blog is not about debating scripture, except when it is. Since I am a Christian I must ground Christian dialogue in a great Book that has formed me.  But just as I regard scripture as holy, I do not read it literally nor is it the only source that [Read More...]