Why my civil rights should NOT be on your ballot today

I am grateful for the lawmakers in states around this beautiful and broken country who have the compassion and courage to lift up legislation that just might recognize some of my sisters and brothers as full citizens. I am also prayerful that those states will see the light of love filter in through voting booths. [Read More…]

My homosexual lifestyle exposed

I read and hear the phrase “homosexual lifestyle” so frequently that I have decided it is time to tell the truth about my homosexual lifestyle.  The best way I can think to do that is simply share scenes from this past week. I hope you will not be shocked, I hope none of the scenes [Read More…]

10 reasons he’s still a United Methodist

Institutions make me itchy.  See, God has planted within me a deep mistrust for human authority (which is how I know God has wicked sense of humor since God also has given me a cop for a wife, but I digress).  I get all itchy when I see what for all the world looks to [Read More…]

Maybe Lady Gaga Does What The Church Won’t

So another blog post on Patheos has really stuck in my craw and I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking and praying to offer a thoughtful and faithful response. I find I am feeling less gentle than I should so forgive me if I am a tad punchy here. I am troubled by the [Read More…]

Coming Out Christian – A New Blog at Patheos

What this blog is not: This blog is not about debating scripture, except when it is. Since I am a Christian I must ground Christian dialogue in a great Book that has formed me.  But just as I regard scripture as holy, I do not read it literally nor is it the only source that [Read More…]