5 things you REALLY mean when you say “I don’t approve of your homosexual lifestyle”


The phrase “homosexual lifestyle” gets thrown around a lot by conservatives when jockeying for political power or popularity points. Sadly it seems it gets used even more so by otherwise nice enough people when they want to claim how much they love gay people, they  just “don’t approve of their lifestyle.” UGH! Please, God, please [Read More...]

United Church of Christ files lawsuit challenging North Carolina marriage laws

rainbow rings

One of the most important reasons I am struggling with shedding the label Christian is that I remove myself a step from my beloved tribe. According to a press release dated April 28, 2014 written by Connie Larkman of the UCC. “The General Synod of the United Church of Christ (UCC) has filed suit against the [Read More...]

Looking back, looking forward: a year of big gay blogging on Patheos


You know how when some TV show writers are feeling a bit of the old writers block and they throw together a “retrospective” episode  flashing back to the scenes that got the most laughs or tears?  Well this post is a little like that except it’s not so much writer’s block as having so many posts [Read More...]

Unconscionable, unAmerican and unChristian


Have you seen this headline? Texas Judge Forbids Lesbian Woman From Living With Her Partner Have you read the story (quoted in full below) written by By Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress? Carolyn Compton is in a three year-old relationship with a woman. According to Compton’s partner Page Price, Compton’s ex-husband rarely sees their two children and was also once [Read More...]

In love with fear


Oh Lord We are a culture In love with fear And afraid of love Be not afraid, you call Many of the same souls Who shout With closed minds And plugged ears That the government Shall not have any role In regulating Weapons Be afraid, they say Are the same souls Who demand With closed [Read More...]

Perfect love casts out all fear


So back on September 4th, during the whirlwind of stories coming out of the Conventions, I posted a brief rant decrying the platforming of people.  If  Y’all have heard me say it once you’ve heard me say it a gazillion times – I am not an issue.  Well from that little post came a few wonderful comments [Read More...]

I am not a Plank

As we begin yet another week of posturing and rhetoric that reduces people to labeled pawns in the great American political game I want to invite folks to listen deeply for the stories of people who, at first glance, seem alien to you . As each issue rolls across the stage remind yourself (and perhaps those around [Read More...]

The bread of life doesn’t come buttered with pickles…

…or in a neatly wrapped blog post. I was blessed and convicted by the words of my pastor yesterday.  Her sermon bore a hole into my heart and the powerful way she spoke of the bread of life has expanded my thinking, like so much yeast in the flour.    I’m not gonna go on [Read More...]