How “Left Behind” prepares us for Trump’s America

For some time now, moderate and progressive Christians have been wondering aloud how evangelical Christians can support Donald Trump in all his obvious clash with Christian values – xenophobic, materialistic, fear-mongering bloviating. What’s the question again caller? It recently occurred to me that NO greater clue exists for this apparent disconnect than a linchpin in [Read More…]

Looking back, looking forward: a year of big gay blogging on Patheos

You know how when some TV show writers are feeling a bit of the old writers block and they throw together a “retrospective” episode  flashing back to the scenes that got the most laughs or tears?  Well this post is a little like that except it’s not so much writer’s block as having so many posts [Read More…]

Stand in the place where you are

I read a blog by one of my colleagues at Patheos yesterday that got me to thinking about the “fundamentals” of progressive Christianity. In progressive Christianity it seems we have a hard time claiming “fundamentals” or capital T truth so we end up looking like a bunch of wishy-washy, anything goes goobers.  Well it is [Read More…]