An Open letter to the United Methodist Church: Repent of your sin

Dear United Methodist Church, I am writing to you today as a sister in ministry, a southern-born graduate of Candler School of Theology, a wounded healer, a daughter, sister, mama, friend, partner…and lesbian Christian. It is because I have witnessed over and over again the suffering of dearly beloved friends who identify as United Methodists [Read More…]

The Rainbow Flag on Main Street: Guest blogger Jonathan Chapman

Friends, it is my honor to share this post from friend and seminary colleague, Rev. Jonathan Chapman.       Two days ago, I dragged the stepladder through our front door and set it up at the base of one of the wooden columns that line the front our our 1850s home. The house that [Read More…]

10 reasons he’s still a United Methodist

Institutions make me itchy.  See, God has planted within me a deep mistrust for human authority (which is how I know God has wicked sense of humor since God also has given me a cop for a wife, but I digress).  I get all itchy when I see what for all the world looks to [Read More…]